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Armoloq TPA-705F

If the "Add to Cart" button is not present, this unit is out of stock. In stock items ship within 2 business days.

Please review the photos for a visual on the various configurations. 

Optional packages and accessories shown in the photos will be available as optional add ons.

The Armoloq MBS-1280/F, sold as an optional package, is compatible with the TPA-705F and requires an adapter plate for installation.  

*The IC-AH705 mounting plate package has not been finalized at this time due to the additional RF cabling that will be required.  Tentative availability date will be the middle of July.

Please note that due to design aspects of the TPA-705F's main body component, removal of the radio's on-board battery is possible but will require some strategic angling.  This compromise was determined acceptable to provide flexibility for the various configurations now available by extending slightly into the battery compartment area. 


Package Description

Base package includes the following-

TPA-705F- consisting of the main body and back plate

M4-0.7 x 12mm button head hex screws- 4, these mounting screws are the proper length for attaching the TPA and should not be installed with it.

M4-0.7 x 10mm button head hex screws with nuts- 4, this hardware is used to connect the back plate to the main body

The TPA is a 2 piece protective mounting platform that is secured to the radio's 4 bottom mounting holes. Access to the 1/4-20 mounting hole is available through the bottom of the TPA.  The frame is CNC laser cut from 5052 aluminum and powder coated with a matte black finish. 



5052 aluminum, 1/8"

Finish- powder coat, matte black


Width   - 8.625 in

Height  - 4.000 in 

Depth   - 5.000 in

Weight - .912 lbs


Optional RF PnP Package, BNC-TNC/RA2

This package includes the following components-

BNC male to TNC female bulkhead, terminated to RG58C/U- 1ft

Relocation mount with hardware- 1


Optional Armoloq MBS-1280/F

This package includes the following components- you will have to supply your own short power cable for connecting to the MBS at this time.  The hardware kit included is specifically for the TPA-705F only.

Armoloq MBS-1280/F- includes the following components only.

TPA-705F MBS Adapter plate with hardware- 1

Battery Compartment- 1

Battery Cover- 1

Strap- 1

F2 to Anderson Power Pole cable, L-7in- 1

M-APP with mounting hardware- 1

M4 screw, washer, and nut- 6

Adjustable hinges - 2

Adjustable hinge mounting hardware- 8