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The Armoloq DDM-DGRG is a mounting platform for securing the Digirig to your Armoloq TPA.  It’s manufactured from .080 Kydex thermoplastic in a sleeve style design.  Retention is obtained thru compression, in addition to hard stops at the top and bottom, preventing the Digirig from shifting up or down when plugging in or removing connections.  

* You will not need the Data Relocation Package if you're running the DigiRig affixed to your TPA.  The suggested installation is to utilize the appropriate cabling offered from DigiRig for your radio and dress the excess cable into the open area at the rear of the TPA.



  1. Secure the DDM-DGRG to the TPA.

  2. Slightly open the upper section of the DDM-DGRG. 

  3. Place the Digirig in the top and begin pressing the unit downward into the mount, until it passes the top stops and snaps into position.




  1. Disconnect all connections.

  2. Slightly open the upper section of the DDM-DGRG and push the Digirig past the top stops.


The DDM-DGRG can accommodate right angle USB-C connections but the Digirig must be rotated 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, as shown in the photos labeled “Right Angle”.



L- 2.750

W- 1.125

D- 1.250

Wt. w/o Digirig-   .5 oz

Wt. w/ Digirig-   1.5 oz


Colors available- Matte Black

Hardware included- 2 socket head screws and 2 nuts.