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Armoloq Manpack Battery System 1280


Please review the compatibility list located in the description section.

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Armoloq Manpack Battery System 1280

Offers the field operator the option to have a compact and fully contained battery solution for your VHF/UHF/GMRS radio.  The battery cover is designed to allow direct mounting of a UB1280 sized battery to your TPA with the battery compartment providing protection for the battery, as well as a stable platform for orienting the radio in an upright position.

The battery mounting lid is manufactured out of .083 formed Kydex, and the battery compartment manufactured out of .090 formed Kydex.  All components are manufactured in the US.

If you need additional battery mounting lids, please email us and we can provide pricing and lead times for those seperate units.  A use case for that scenario would be utilizing one battery compartment across multiple radios.


*TPA, radios and other components not listed below are sold separately.

*You will need an Anderson Power Pole connection on the power cable of your radio or a jumper with your radio's specific power connection and Anderson Power Poles on the battery side.

*None of the packages listed below include a battery.  We recommend Dakota LiFePO4 7Ah or 10Ah; you can find them here-

There are other battery manufacturers offering UB1280 sized batteries, but ensure that the battery’s physical size matches the following dimensions-

 L- 5.940 (151mm)

D- 2.550 (65mm)

H- 3.780 (96mm)

Total weight, to include 10Ah LiFePO4 battery- 3.5 lbs


The Armoloq MBS-1280 

MBS-1280- includes the following components only.

Battery Compartment- 1

Battery Cover- 1

Strap- 1

F2 to Anderson Power Pole cable, L-7in- 1

M-APP with mounting hardware- 1

M-PO mount- 2

M4 screw, washer, and nut- 6


The photos provided on this page will give a visual of what components are included in each package, as well as a reference for how to install and mount them to your TPA.


Compatibility List and Additional Information


*The Armoloq MBS-1280 is compatible with the following radios and corresponding TPA.  The following radios DO NOT require MP-O spacers to attach the MBS to the TPA-


Yaesu                             Height and Weight when installed, with Dakota Battery

FT-817ND/818-                  OAH- 14.625 in, 7.250 lbs

FT-7800/7900-                 OAH- 14.000 in, 7.000 lbs


FTM-6000/100-                OAH- 14.000 in, 7.000 lbs




IC-2300H/IC-V3500          OAH- 13.250 in, 6.500 lbs




MXT500-                            OAH- 15.000, 7.000 lbs




AT-D578, all flavors-         OAH- 14.500 in, 6.750 lbs



KG-1000G                        OAH- 14.875 in, 7.600 lbs






G90                                OAH- 17.000 in, 7.800 lbs


*The MBS-1280 is compatible with the following radios and corresponding TPA, but will require a set of MP-O spacers-

MP-O Spacer Set- .1875 or 3/16"


FT-891-                           OAH- 17.750 in, 10.000 lbs

FT-857-                           OAH- 18.125 in, 10.000 lbs

IC-2730-                         OAH- 16.250 in,   7.625 lbs

*Please refer to the last couple of photos in the gallery above to get a visual on proper orientation of the MP-O spacer.  


MP-O Spacer Set- .500 or 1/2"


FT-2980-                           OAH- 14.500 in, 8.900 lbs

FTM-500DR-                     OAH- 15.500 in, 7.750 lbs

*Please refer to the last couple of photos in the gallery above to get a visual on proper orientation of the MP-O spacer.


Once compatibility is confirmed for other radios, they will be listed here.