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Armoloq Speaker Hand Mic Adapter Cable with Relocation Mount

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Armoloq Speaker Hand Mic Adapter Cable with Relocation Mount

This adapter cable takes the radio's speaker output and mic input, combining them into one connection.  A speaker hand mic can be useful when running your manpack in a vehicle or dismounted scenario, providing audio clearly to the operator, instead of through the radio's onboard speaker which can be obstructed by the ruck or pack.  Please keep in mind that when using a speaker hand mic, you will lose standard controls that normally are found on VHF/UHF hand mics.  All adjustments, such as frequency changes, will have to be done at the radio control head.

*This adapter cable utilizes a non-threaded, 3.5mm TRRS connection.  The older style Yaesu/Vertex Standard HT speaker hand mics with threaded TRRS are usable with this adapter cable.   The speaker hand mics in the list below are the only hand mics tested at this time.  As more are confirmed, they will be added to the list.

The pin out for the adapter cable is for the following Yaesu radios only-





*This package does not include a speaker hand mic. Only the items listed below are included with the package.

   RJ12 and 3.5mm to TRRS connection, adapter cable, 1ft-  1

   Relocation mount and mounting hardware -            1

   TRRS Connection Protective Cover, FDM (3D printed)-        1


This adapter cable allows the use of the following speaker hand mics-

1. Pryme Trooper II with Vertex TRRS threaded QD adapter cable, Model Number- SPM-2242QD*

*This QD cable is not listed on the Pryme website; you'll have to call to order this specific setup

2. Pryme Trooper with Vertex TRRS threaded adapter cable, non QD, Model Number- SPM-2142

3. Yaeus/Vertex/Standard Horizon MH-73A4B

4. Yaesu/Vertex/Standard Horizon CM-460A

5. Yaesu SSM-17H